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Tis The Season To Organize The Toys

Tackle Those Playrooms Before Santa Comes

Now onto containing what’s left.  I love to use clear in a kid’s playroom wherever I can.  If they can see it, they are more likely to play with it!  When containing, remember you will be labeling everything so try not to combine categories of toys together.  I like to have one or two “Misc.Toys” bins at the end.  Place your toy containers into zones if possible.  I like to create zones for “Arts and Crafts”, “Imaginary Play”, “Make and Build”, etc.

Lastly, label, label, label!  Even if your kiddos can’t quite read, find a fun way to label the bins.  Labeling is important because it shows the kid’s where to find things and also where to put them back.  Good luck and happy organizing!

Heather Bifulco
Tidy Style Home Owner + Head Organizer
Insta: @tidystylehome