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Health & Beauty

Berg Toys of Idaho

Local resident Scott Graf shares his connection and love for the Berg Go-kart. By EM Staff Writer Photography By James Max Scott Graf says this story starts about a year ago when his then 4 year old daughter, Camryn, became ...

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Get Real

The Real Food Movement gains ground in Eagle. By Shawn King Photography by Candace Sweet “The closer we get to the dirt as consumers, the happier and healthier we’ll be.” Though this statement is probably not accepted as an axiom ...

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Handmade Holiday

There is something in all of us that wants to get crafty this time of year, but do-it-yourself doesn’t have to drive you insane. By Taylor Cunningham and Kate Matthews Photography by Kate Matthews and Courtesy of Alene Hortin It ...

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Health & Beauty: Happy Hunting

Christy Lawton’s Street Fox matchmaking service offers insight and success for professional singes looking for love By Kate Matthews Photography by Nena Earl Eagle is not typically known for its burgeoning singles scene. Instead, our idyllic town is more commonly ...

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Health & Beauty: A Natural Beauty

Eagle’s Kristen Lohman Burris offers hope and inspiration to couples struggling to conceive By Pamela Kleibrink Thompson Photography by Nena Earl “Success is not born from luck or education or timing or being on the cutting edge,” counsels Eagle resident ...

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Health & Beauty: Text Me Maybe

As technology takes over our daily communications are we losing our hearts to the digital divide? By Emily Fonnesbeck Photography by Copper Chadwick It’s the twenty-first century and we are all neck-deep in technology. Gone are the days of dial-up, ...

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